AGM 2018/19 Chairman's Report

posted 23 Apr 2016, 04:02 by peter collins   [ updated 27 Apr 2018, 06:27 ]

To all members

Last night was the A.G.M in attendance 

Chairman   George Joyce

Secretary    vacant

Treasurer      Andy Jennings

Match secretary.   Mick Davies

Membership and water secretary Peter Collins

Peter Davey committee 

Apologies. Dave Green Graham Miller and Tim Goodson

15 members attendance 

Chairman opened meeting with a report of what has happened over the last year this included update on Thames waters work we are still not sure they have completed all the work and we are still trying to get answers.The good news is 11 purpose built pegs on the bungalow side as you will see this is a great improvement on what Thames Water left us .l think this the contempt we are treated with by the Council and Thames water just some inclusion on the project would have been acceptable.The next stage will be the playing field side again hi spec platforms.

I have said before we do need support in running the club we cannot fill the secretary role and Peter is carrying out two roles at some point the club will cease to exist if we do not have volunteers if you want to safeguard your fishing then step forward.

Andy gave the Treasurer report after all this years expenditure we had a surplus off £900.

Peter gave a brief on member totals 231 senior junior and OAP RDA.
A vote off thanks to Peter on all the work he does as water secretary and how he manages the bailiffs.

Mick Davies new match secretary has taken over from Mike Codd

Mick has a good mixture of venues if you would like to fish matches you will have to book in all welcome.

The following proposal were carried.

New members joining 
Senior £90     Junior £50.   OAP £50

Full members £60   Junior £40   OAP £ 40

Day ticket now Adult £8         Juniors £ 6

Any other business a discussion about junior matches.Peter will contact the proposer with some ideas,

I think we need to say  a big thank you Mike Codd who stood down from his roles within the club it is not easy to replace someone like Mike.

Regards. Chairman 

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